• Leave your family a safe and secure avenue to gain access to important information & documents when the need arises.
  • We provide a secure way to store your online accounts information,digital assets and e-documents.
  • We provide proper hand holding to make sure your family gets access to your data and do our best so that they don't feel troubled.

How Secure your Data is

  1. Data is stored in encrypted format in the database. We use 256 bit AES encryption method for user data(same method is also used by banks and other financial institutions).
  2. Secure Socket Layer(SSL) certificate from Godaddy- So that data communication is secure between your browser and our server.
  3. No one can see your data, not even our employees.
256 Bit AES Encryption Method Secured Socket Layer Certified (SSL) Certified Verified and Secured by GoDaddy

OnlineWill is not a legal alternative of Will/e-Will. It is just a cloud based data storing service with security and an inheritance mechanism for passing that information to your loved ones.

  • I was always afraid of loosing my online account details, now I can save everything by using OnlineWill. - Amit
  • Now my wife wont have to run after each company in my absence. She can have all the details of my online accounts at one place. - Sourav
  • Life is all about making smart decisions. I wanted my dependents to be tension-free. I chose onlinewill. - Lawrence,Bangalore