OnlineWill Frequently Asked Questions

What is OnlineWill?

OnlineWill is a digital repository for all your e-assets that can be passed on to your loved ones if and when the need arises, so that your loved ones should get access to all the information about your wealth. OnlineWill is simple and easy to use. You can upload the details of various assets like Insurance Policies, Shares, Mutual Funds, Credentials for online accounts, Utility account details etc. and we will make sure that they are shard with your loved ones as per your instructions. You can store your email account credentials, Bank account credentials etc. as well.

How secure is OnlineWill?

Your data and credentials are stored in encrypted format in database i.e. in a secret format that no one can read without secret keys. We use AES 256 advance encryption method for storing the data (the same technology that is used by banks etc.). Also, your data moves in a secret form over the wire so that your information is secured even during the data transfer from your laptop to our servers. In short, your data is secure end to end.

What type of facility OnlineWill provides?

OnlineWill provides following services -
  1. Online Assets: You can add details of your assets like insurance policy details, demat account details, utility account details etc and assign nominees for them.
  2. E-Files: You can upload scanned document and e-files and maintain a repository with us that you can access from anywhere.
  3. E-Video: These are video messages for your loved ones. Simply record a video, upload it here and assign a nominee for it.
  4. Will Letter: These are the letters that you can write for your loved ones that will be passed on to them when the time comes. You can provide any information that you want to convey to the nominee through the letter.
  5. Letter to Admin: With the help of this feature, you can convey any specific help that you may need from our side or any specific set of instructions that we need to follow as and when the time comes.

What will happen if something happens to me?

We, at Online Will, will ensure that we are up to date on your status. As per our policy, we will send periodic mails to check on your health. If despite repeated reminders, we do not see any activity on your account, we will contact your verifiers to enquire about your well-being. Alternatively, if one of your nominees reports about your death or disability, we will contact your verifiers. Once we get confirmation about death or disability, we start the procedure to ensure that your nominees get access to the information you intended to pass on to them.

How would my nominee know about my digital assets present on OnlineWill?

As soon as you add a nominee, an e-mail is sent to them informing them that they have been assigned as nominee by you. This email will familiarize them with OnlineWill and the procedure to claim data if the need arises.

Can my nominee claim insurance on basis of document present here?

No, a nominee cannot claim insurance solely on the basis of documents present here. Online Will helps you pass on important information to your nominee in an organized and easy manner. But the information present here cannot be used as a legal proof for any other purpose. OnlineWill is not a legal site its just a information repository which helps your nominee to get access of your information.

How to report death and claim document access?

In the even of death or disability of the user, the Nominee has to contact us via Claim Data. Once we receive the request, we will start the process of verification. Once the death or disability is established, We will ensure that all your nominees get access to the assets (information) meant for them.

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